CEC Welcomes Naomi Wentz as Newsletter Intern

Naomi is a rising senior at Rice University, earning a BA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies. She was born in Houston and raised in Pearland, TX. Both of her parents have PhDs in biological sciences so from an early age, she has been exposed to environmental concepts and along with a variety of childhood pets, she began her passion for conservation and sustainability early on.

For leisure, she enjoys traveling, going to music festivals, spending time with her pets, going to art exhibits, and volunteering at local animal shelters. At Rice University, she participates in the Environmental Club, writes for the student newspaper, the Thresher, and organizes concerts for the student radio station, KTRU.

This is her first internship directly focusing on the environment and she is excited to learn more about the environmental issues that the local Houston community faces. She also wants to learn more about how non-profits operate and how to integrate conservation, environmental issues, and sustainability. Naomi can be reached at [email protected]