Texas Railroad Commission Open Meeting Agenda – 19 June, 2018

The following items were to be taken up for discussion and/or decision by the Railroad Commission of Texas on the 19 June, 2018.

Items 50 through 180 of this agenda constitute underground pipeline damage prevention second of the Texas administrative code (Title 16, Part 1, Chapter 18). It contains a total of 44 violations in the Houston area (items 53, 57, 63, 68, 70-71, 124, 126-127, 130, 133-135, 140-143, 145, 147-148, 153-154, 157, 161-162, 164-165, 168, 170, 174) which breach the following rules:

  • 18.3 – Excavator Notice to Notification Center.
  • 18.4 – Excavator Obligation to Avoid Damage to Underground Pipelines.
  • 18.8 – Operator Marking Requirements.
  • 18.11 – Reporting Requirements.

An additional item concerning the Houston area is as follows in item 12 of the Oil and Gas Hearing Division:

  • Enforcement action against Rap Operating, L.L.C. (Operator No. 693654) for violations of a Statewide Rule on the Goolsbee (Gas ID No. 250050) Lease, Well No. 2, Hamman, East (11,150) Field, Matagorda County, Texas; Talafuse Gas Unit (Gas ID No. 257003) Lease, Well No. 4, Hamman, East (Fb A) Field, Matagorda County, Texas; Violation of 16 TAC §3.14(b)(2); Motion for Rehearing.

CEC Welcomes Kirsty Michel as a Policy & Communications Intern

Kirsty Michel is halfway through an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Sociology at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland. She is half-Scottish, half-French and was born and raised in Scotland. In 2016 she and her family moved to Houston with the oil industry and have been based here since. She enjoys reading, travelling, being creative and practicing yoga.

At high school and university she had some light introductions to environmental science and environmental issues on a global scale, and has so far enjoyed those topics. She is excited to be interning with CEC this summer, and learning more about the implementation of environmental policy in the Houston area.