CEC Welcomes Anushka Mukund as Environmental Health Intern

Anushka Mukund is a senior at the University of Houston and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Public Health. As a student in the pre-medical field, she is passionate about the effects of environmental factors on personal health. One day, she hopes to enter the clinical field and help others.

Anushka loves to be involved on her campus as well as in her community. She volunteers at Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center and the Houston Food Bank in her free time. In addition to giving back, she loves to spend her time expanding her knowledge of the Houston area and trying new things.

Driven by her passion to serve and help others, Anushka strives to emphasize the connection between environmental factors and health. She is excited to work with CEC in their efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues. Anushka can be reached at [email protected]