Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: January 13, 2022

Why hasn’t Harvey aid reached those in need?

(Houston Chronicle, Emily Foxhall and R.A. Schuetz, Updated 01/11/22. Photo by Yi-Chin Lee.)

“Houston was slow to distribute Harvey funding… there was so much back-and-forth between the Democrat led city and the Republican-led Texas General Land Office over how programs should be run.”


Cleanup efforts begin after storms rock area

(Houston Chronicle, Paul Takahashi, Updated 01/10/19. Photo by Jason Fochtman.)

“The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado with winds up to 85 mph touched down in the vicinity of the airport. Hobley’s home suffered minor damage in comparison to her neighbors’


New groundwater rules could sink homes in the woodlands by a foot

(Houston Chronicle, Emily Foxhall, Updated 01/06/22. Photo by Jon Shapley.)

“It’s much cheaper to pull water up from underground because it doesn’t need to be treated as heavily. But if too much is pumped, the water can get harder to reach and the ground can sink. How much is too much…”


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