Environmental Defense Fund seeks Community Air Quality Tom Graff Fellow

Environmental Defense Fund is seeking a Community Air Quality Tom Graff Fellow. The Fellowship is a full-time, two-year position focused on a project integral to EDF’s mission. Tom Graff Fellowships offer Fellows a well-rounded experience, specific deliverables and outcomes to work on, develop core professional skills, and develop an understanding of environmental advocacy as a career path. The Tom Graff Fellow will work to support EDF’s ongoing Data to Action Initiative with four distinct community groups in the Houston region. The Fellow will support these small (less than 10 staff) grass-roots community-based organizations facing a myriad of environmental concerns, including air pollution, exposure to toxic legacy pollution, including lead and creosote, and addressing health and social inequities. These community groups developed environmental justice community action plans to create positive change in their neighborhoods. They encompass a range of solutions including citizen science projects, conducting health surveys of residents, developing butterfly gardens, and educational outreach.  Working to support implementation of these action plans, the Fellow will work with non-profits, academic, environmental, legal, government and One Breath Partnership stakeholders to assist Data to Action leaders. For the full job description and to apply, visit edf.org.