Property Rights and Pipline Center seeks Texas Landowner Organizing Project proposals

Property Rights and Pipeline Center, a national advocacy network for landowners facing eminent domain abuse, is seeking proposals for a Texas Landowner Organizing project.

Request for Proposals 

Project: Texas Landowner Organizing 

Fee Range: $50-65,000  

Location: Texas, near the Gulf Coast preferred 

Term: One year 

RFP Release Date: July 5, 2021, RFP open until contract is awarded. 

How to apply: send an email to that details applicant’s match with the requirements as well as a description of relevant experience.  

The Property Rights and Pipeline Center (PRPC) was founded in 2016 and is run by Executive Director  Rebekah Sale, a long-time community organizer and advocate.  

Mission: To serve as a national advocacy network and resource for those seeking to reform the use of  eminent domain for oil and gas pipelines.  

Brief: There is a proliferation of oil and gas pipelines being sited and built across private property  throughout the US. Nearly all for-profit pipeline projects end up using eminent domain to forcibly  condemn land through a process that favors industry at the expense of landowner interests. In many  cases these pipelines are being built to move product overseas for export. Eminent domain authority is  intended to be used for a “public use,” not for the benefit of private industry. 

The entire process is an extreme financial and personal burden on private landowners. Notification in  the beginning is intimidating and can feel threatening; compensation offers are often made far below  market realities; easement standards are unclear leaving smaller or less informed landowners at a  disadvantage; construction can contaminate drinking water supply, both groundwater and surface  water; and land disturbance interrupts ecosystems, and harms generations of farm or ranch land  stewardship.  

We are building a national network of landowners, activists, land trusts and others concerned about  this issue. Ranchers and farmers are joining with environmental activists, native tribes, land trusts,  property rights advocates in a national alliance. From Oregon to New Jersey, and Virginia to Texas, we  are sharing stories and strategies.  

National Activities: 

● Host Annual National Landowner Conference in Washington D.C.

● Work collaboratively with others who monitor work at the Federal Energy Regulatory  Commission (FERC) and those who do Congressional education on Capitol Hill. 

● Host the Pipeline Lawyers Network and Brief Bank. 

● Support litigation that addresses the unfairness towards landowners. 

● Produce video resources featuring landowner stories, hosted on the PRPC YouTube Channel.

● Maintain an online resource center of news, studies, events, and opportunities.

● Organize and activate landowners to provide testimonials for the media and lawmakers.

● Generate newsletters, issue papers and studies. 

● Build our base with over 200 subscribers and a growing social media presence. 

About this organizing project in Texas 

The contractor to be retained for the Texas Landowner Organizing project (“Texas Organizer”) by the Property Rights and Pipeline Center (PRPC) will be responsible for organizing landowners threatened with eminent domain for the siting of oil and gas pipelines. The Texas Organizer needs to be able to  work independently to meet the PRPC’s goals, with significant input but not daily guidance from the  PRPC’s National Organizing Director as well as from allied groups’ leadership and from the PRPC’s  advisors. The Organizer will be responsible for finding eminent domain-affected landowners and for  organizing well-attended live/online meetings. The Organizer will need to be able to connect with  landowners, explore along pipeline routes to find threatened land, and research pipeline and eminent  domain issues.  

The Organizer should be based in Texas, ideally near the Gulf Coast as there are many export projects  with pipeline components slated for this area.  

Requirements and responsibilities: 

● Ability to engage effectively with PRPC’s executive director, national organizing director, and  advisors. 

● Ability to actively participate in strategy and organizing decisions.  

● Well organized and detail-oriented to track pipeline routes, affected landowners, and keep  abreast of any changes to the projects at issue. 

● Readily answerable and accessible to landowners to educate, recruit, provide meaningful  assistance, and to learn from them.  

● Flexibility; must be willing and capable of adapting to changing priorities and deadlines.  ● Show initiative in ways to connect with landowners, convene timely meetings to address on the-ground issues, help with unique landowner challenges by serving as a resource and  connector. 

● Have or will acquire a good working knowledge of the eminent domain process and of the many  ills pipeline routing imposes on landowners. 

● Research the routing, permitting, and status of several pipeline projects. 

● Keep abreast of activities of pipeline construction, landowner condemnations, and press  reports.  

● Liaise with and acquire as allies local Texas groups.  

● Explore programs and activities of other local Texas groups to find common ground. ● Participate in events and meetings relevant to PRPC’s activities. 

● Keen ability to connect with landowners and others who may be of different political parties.  ● Develop and continue relationships with landowners, state and local officials, members of the  press, and allies, including informal contact.  

Required minimum qualifications of each member of Texas Organizer team: 

● Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree a plus.  

● Minimum of 3-5 years professional work experience in relevant environmental issues and/or  movement building. 

● Strong oral and written communication skills including basic computer skills. 

● Ability to take initiative and define and complete assignments independently. 

● Ability to read a map, use cellphone apps, and to interpret data.  

● Ability to represent the PRPC in a professional and highly competent manner. 

● Ability to maintain a cordial relationship with diverse landowners, local organizations, members  of the press, elected officials, and workers and executives of the oil and gas industry.

● Ability to work with diverse populations and commitment to equity in all personal and  professional dealings.  

Desired qualifications of team members, not required: 

● Experience in organizing or canvassing, and in both in-person and online outreach.

● Strong knowledge of organizing in the public interest or an ability to quickly learn.

● Proficiency in spoken and written Spanish. 

● Experience building alliances or coalitions, organizing volunteers, working on a political  campaign, and/or leading public awareness and engagement campaigns.  

● Desire and experience to serve as an active team member, responsive to regular  communications, supportive and focused on team strategy. 

Technology requirements 

The Texas Organizer will need to have a computer, phone, and internet access allowing for multiple  phone or video calls per day. 

Commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity  

We strongly encourage applications from firms owned and run by people of color, people from working  class backgrounds, women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people with disabilities and those who are  members of marginalized communities that are not listed here. Applicants will not be discriminated  against because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age,  religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, medical  condition, or any protected category as defined by local, state or federal laws.

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