Artist Boat seeks Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager

The Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager is a senior level position and is primarily responsible for fostering, designing, managing, maintaining, and growing Artist Boat’s Coastal Heritage Preserve (600 acre preserve with a potential growth to 1,400 acres), Habitat Restoration Adventure Program, on-campus NativeScaping Program, and newly forming volunteer stewardship and volunteer program at the Coastal Heritage Preserve. A large focus of this program is on land management and restoration of the Coastal Heritage Preserve, maintaining and fostering partnerships with a variety of entities to develop and implement habitat management and public access plans at the Coastal Heritage Preserve, restoring habitats on barrier islands and Galveston Bay, and bringing K-Grey learners to the coastal environment for stewardship experiences. The goal of the Habitat and Stewardship Program is to deliver place-based and experiential learning to K-Grey learners and partners in order to build a stewardship ethic that results in restored, ud113007 enhanced, and conserved lands that benefit the public and the wildlife in the coastal zone. Download the full job description from