Deadline: Public Input on Use of Harvey Infrastructure, Buyout Funds

The H-GAC Board-approved a Method of Distribution (MOD) detailing the allocation of approximately $241 million in Harvey recovery funds to support infrastructure projects and home buyouts/acquisitions outside the City of Houston and Harris County in July 2018. After review, the Texas General Land Office has requested that H-GAC seek additional input on the Council of Government (COG) Method of Distribution for 2017 Hurricane Harvey CDBG-Disaster Recovery Allocation Summary Form (Summary Form) that accompanies the allocations.

H-GAC is continuing their Citizen Participation process and seeking input to help inform guidance that will be made available to local governments as they plan and prioritize the use of their allocated CDBG Disaster Recovery infrastructure and home buyout/ acquisition funds. H-GAC is especially seeking input to the elements found on pages 5-8 of the Summary Form. (H-GAC is not seeking comments on the H-GAC Board-approved allocation formula.)

The public comment period regarding the Summary Form will close at noon, Friday, September 14, 2018. H-GAC will take comments online, by e-mail, by mail, hand-delivered, and at a public meeting from 10 a.m. to noon Monday, September 10, at H-GAC Conference Room A, Second Floor.

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