2018 Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) Course


Recognizing life-threatening medical symptoms for kids and adults is crucial for any parent, professional or concerned citizen. As outdoor educators and farmers at Blackwood Land, we believe this knowledge is invaluable whether you live in an urban area or leading a trip into the wilderness. In this course, offered by the prestigious Wilderness Medical Associates, you will:

  • Manage medical emergencies when hospitals and rescue services may not be available.
  • Learn from medical professionals with significant patient care and backcountry experience.
  • Be prepared for emergencies that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments, and improvised equipment.
  • Have fun while developing confidence in your ability to care for emergencies

Course fee: $495 (lunch included)


Lodging & Meals

Tent Camping: $10/night (bath house available) | Bunk in main house: $15/night

Breakfast: $9/day | Dinner: $15/day

For more information, visit blackwoodland.org.