2018 Great Texas Birding Classic

April 15, 2018 – May 15, 2018 all-day America/Chicago Timezone
Shelly Plante
(512) 389-4500

Join this fun, friendly, birdwatching competition. There are tournament categories for all ages and skill levels, so select the one that works best for you. Tournament categories include but are not limited to:

  • The Texas Two-Stop Tournament
  • The Big Sit!
  • State Park Tournament, Big Sit! Or Sunrise-to-Noon Tournaments
  • Regional Big Day
  • Statewide Tournament
  • Human-Powered Tournament

With the new month-long format (April 15 – May 15 each year), participants may participate in more than one category and/or in the same category for multiple regions. The registration deadline is Apr. 1, 2018. For more information, visit tpwd.texas.gov.