Cooking with Honey (16+)

What’s the sweetest way to support bees and local business? Cook with local honey! In this class, you’ll get to taste different kinds of local honey and explore different ways to use them. Learn how to make grapefruit sage honey mimosas, honey butter, and a savory cheese and honey appetizer. You’ll even get to take home some sage and honey syrup for your own pantry.

Notes: Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Ages: 16 and up (21+ to drink)

Nature Revealed: Fascinating Fish (12+)

In their mysterious underwater world, fish must use amazing and bizarre adaptations to survive. They breathe water, change color, generate deadly jolts of electricity – and some communicate by farting. In this class, students will explore the incredible variety and strange features of fish using specimens and live animals. They will also do some pond dipping to see fish in their natural habitat.

Arboretum’s Spring Break Camp (4-12)

Naturalists use a variety of tools to explore the natural world, but most rely on the tools we are all born with: our senses! Children will explore their own senses and then discover which animals taste through their feet, which have natural radar, which can locate prey by sensing heat, and which have eyes that contain 30,000 lenses. Join the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center for a week of sensory exploration.