CEC welcomes Houston Electric Auto Association as a member organization

CEC is pleased to welcome Houston Electric Auto Association as a returning member organization of the CEC.

In 1967 an inventor and research engineer, Walter Laski, formed the Electric Auto Association to quickly augment the usage of electric vehicles. The idea was to create local grass-root chapters such as the Houston Electric Auto Association that would educate the public on electric vehicles.

Their local chapter, Houston Electric Auto Association, incorporated in 1987 organizes a regular meeting the first Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, to allow the public to obtain expert insight on new electrical vehicle developments and innovations. These meetings feature speakers, demonstrations, and, occasionally, practical opportunities to work on electric vehicles. Recent presentations have included:

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CEC welcomes American YouthWorks as a new member

CEC Houston is pleased to welcome American YouthWorks as one of CEC’s newest member organizations.  

Established in 1975, their purpose is to provide opportunities for youth to grow and serve. Founder Richard Halpin began AYW as a GED and literacy program for incarcerated youth of Austin. The organization now serves the entire community of Austin, helping young people realize their full potential with primary programs of YouthBuild Austin (1997) and Texas Conservation Corps (1993).

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CEC Welcomes Ashley Odstrcil as Membership Coordination Intern

Ashley Odstrcil is a student at University of Houston. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology and is interested in continuing her education to pursue a Masters in Computational Health Informatics. Aside from her studies, she enjoys exploring the world around her and trying new foods. Growing up in Houston her entire life has led her to be adventurous with different ethnic foods and open to learning about the various different cultures around her.

Ashley also has a love for the environment and expresses her concerns for the environment through her daily life by eliminating waste and by continuously informing herself on better ways to help protect the environment we live in.

Ashley is excited to contribute to CEC and to broaden her knowledge about the environment by developing valuable skills that can further her career aspirations. She can be reached at [email protected]