Upper Kirby District Foundation seeking Levy Park Director

Image result for levy park logoThe Upper Kirby District Foundation is seeking a Park Director for the recently redeveloped Levy Park in central Houston. Levy Park is a City of Houston park, managed and operated by the Upper Kirby District Foundation, through a contract with the Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority. While Levy Park is a public park owned by the City of Houston, the ongoing operations of Levy Park are funded entirely by the Upper Kirby District Foundation.

The Role
The Park Director leads the management, operation, programming, and promotion of the park and oversees all aspects of day-to-day park operations. He/she, (1) manages the efficiency and effectiveness of park maintenance, sanitation, security, and landscaping; (2) develops, manages, and evaluates the quality of park programming; (3) manages the budget and oversees finances; (4) promotes the park in the media and other public forums; (5) identifies sponsorship opportunities; (6) develops revenue streams for the operation of the park; (7) generates new ideas for improving the quality of the park; and (8) manages all park personnel, ensuring effective internal communication within the Foundation and the Upper Kirby District. The Park Director will report to the President of the Upper Kirby District Foundation, who also leads the Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority and Harris County Improvement District #3.

Job Responsibilities Will Include
Programming and Events
The park is designed to be an active public space that is vibrant as a result of ongoing programming. These programs can range from exercise programs to poetry readings to photography and writing classes.

Operations: Sanitation, Security, Horticulture, and Capital Maintenance
The Park Director is responsible for making sure the capital plant is attractive, well-maintained, and in good repair.

Revenue Development
As a part of Park’s reliance on private sector funding, the Park Director will be responsible for identifying entities that might be interested in sponsorship opportunities.

Public Relations
The Park Director is the public face of Levy Park and will be responsible for promoting it in Houston and across the country.

Park Finances

The Park Director is responsible for working with the Foundation President to ensure that the Park is financially sound.

Non-profit Management
Daily management of the operation of the park is the responsibility of the Park Director.

Candidate Profile
One or more of the following professional backgrounds, listed in order of importance, are important for a candidate for this position: (1) general business administration; (2) real estate; (3) event or venue management; (4) planning or landscape design; (5) government.

For the full details of this position, you can download their Levy Park Director Job Description (PDF)

Email your resume to [email protected].